CBT Web Scraper and CBT Mass Email Sender are helping businesses reposition during a COVID-19 culture change.

CBT Web Scraper and CBT Mass Email Sender are helping businesses reposition during a COVID-19 culture change.

CBT Software Provides Affordable Resources For Struggling Businesses

CBT Web Scraper and CBT Mass Email Sender are helping businesses reposition during a COVID-19 culture change.


CBT Software products are changing how businesses operate and the accessibility to developing B2B leads. During a time of COVID-19 financial panic for many small to large companies, CBT Web Scraper and CBT Mass Email Sender are two software solutions providing real, affordable results that generate measurable profit.

CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor generate leads without having to pay for a multitude of expensive, out of date lists. The product was developed to create niche sales leads without any effort. Newsletters, email blasts, teles sales, social media, and direct mail marketing efforts will all benefit from the data collected using CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor.

Businesses are forced to have more of an online presence right now. Consumers are buying more products and services online and being more visible, and having a solid database of leads and clients, is what will make any online store or online service provided competitive. CBT website scraper and email extractor helps businesses generate target sales leads directly into an Excel spreadsheet file on autopilot. It is easy-to-use and keywords navigate the business’ needs. For example, a new type of beauty product can be targeted by the creator adding the words “beauty industry”, “new beauty products”, and “buy beauty products online” into the software. Specific leads and emails will be provided with accuracy and efficiency.

The CBT Mass Email Sender program works with the same easy and business-boosting functionality. It is especially good for companies struggling with click-through rates because the CBT Mass Email Sender was designed to avoid Spam using intelligent filters, especially when targeting free popular email service providers. Businesses also can use the CBT Mass Email Sender program to create visually appealing and unique email messages.

CBT’s Web Scraper and Mass Email Sender programs help businesses who are financially struggling be able to compete in a saturated market. Not every small business has the marketing budget to spend on specialty contractors or web development products or email lists to help generate leads. Without this visibility and capability, an online business can only obtain so many customers. The COVID-19 crisis has debilitated some small business owners from being able to purchase marketing campaigns. CBT is acting as a small business, even large business, advocate by making its products available to the masses.

“We are championing the entrepreneurial spirit with these two products. We want our clients to not only be able to afford our product and use it, but to measure profitable results and appreciate the value in what our products do. Targeting customers and gaining email addresses that are not only real but also have a great open rate is super important. It fact, it is vital to the survival of any online business or service provider in this trying financial marketplace. We are pleased to serve the online business community right now,” said Tatyana Dyachenko.

CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor has comprehensive tutorials and can help decipher existing or new lists of potential B2B leads. The software key usually arrives within 48 hours of purchase and it may be run on Windows or MAC with the appropriate conversion application. The software supports the scrapping of all the top platforms including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Maps, Yellow Pages, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your own website list, and much more! Additionally, businesses can merge multiple CSV spreadsheet files using the merger tool, split  CSV spreadsheet files by the total number of records or by country and clean emails using email list cleaner.

CBT Mass Email Sender can scrape multiple search engines, business directories, social media sites and even custom website lists concurrently and combine all results into a single Excel CSV spreadsheet. Likewise, the search engine scraper has a set of proprietary filters that utilize artificial intelligence to generate niche-targeted data.

Members of the media are invited to try either or both products upon qualification of a story request. A representative for both CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor and CBT Web Mass Email Sender is available to talk about how the products promote business development, competitiveness for companies of all sizes within the online market place, and how innovative technology continues to help niche products and services become found by a waiting marketplace of companies.


Media Contact:

Tatyana Dyachenko


CBT Website Scraper and Email Extractor -> https://cbtemailextractor.com

CBT Mass Email Sender -> https://cbtmassemailsender.com

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