Vape SEO Digital Marketing Package For Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands and E-Cigarette Companies

Vape SEO Digital Marketing Package For Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands and E-Cigarette Companies

Are you struggling to rank your vape shop or e-liquid brand in the search engines? Do you want to receive more traffic, more customers, more sales and more money? Tired of wasting your time on things that simply do not work? You are not alone. We have already helped 250 e-liquid brands, 25 vape wholesalers, 900 vape shops and 5 vape event organisers to rank their websites online. We are vape industry’s most preferred marketing and SEO service provider! At the recent Vape Jam 2017 vape exhibition in London, we signed up a further 50 vape businesses for our vape SEO and marketing packages. With a solid 5-star rating, we are the vape industry’s preferred supplier of SEO services for vape companies such as e-liquid brands, vape mod makers, e-cigarette wholesalers and vape shops.

What Makes Us the Best Provider of Vape SEO Package For Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands, E-Cigarette Companies

Expertise in the Vape Industry

We are not your standard vape SEO company that is in reality an SEO company targeting ALL businesses. We are different. We actually operate our own vape shops, e-liquid brands and other vape-related businesses, which puts us above everyone else. We have over 5 years of experience in the vaping market and we thoroughly understand its nuances, including the market aspect. We have invested very heavily into a highly successful digital marketing and branding team which produces cutting edge solution for clients of different shapes and sizes.

Affordable and Transparent Vape SEO Company

Whether you are a multi-million pound e-liquid distributor, a small vape shop owner or a brand new e-liquid start-up, we are here to help. Unlike other marketing agencies, we are transparent and accommodating with our prices. All of our vape SEO packages are strictly pay-as-you-go, which means that you can order them as often or as rarely as you want. We have also helpfully divided our vape SEO packages according to competition levels. So, if you are operating an international company and are looking to rank for some ambitious key words, you would be best off going for one of our ultra-high competition packages. On the contrary, if you operate a small vape shop in a low competition area, you should consider a lower competition package. The choice is yours.

Everything You Need – Literally

Our Vape SEO Package For Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands, E-Cigarette Companies is literally everything you will ever need to rank on the search engines. We have worked tirelessly to come up with highly effective solutions that work. If something is not worth doing, we will not do it. Simple.

How it All Works

  1. Choose a package that works best for you and your business
  2. We will request some information from you including your website, social media links, images and other things
  3. We will send you a full report once your e-cigarette SEO package has finished running (it normally takes a month for the work to be completed)

What You Will Receive with Your Vaping SEO and Digital Marketing Package


100% Vape-Related, High Domain Authority Contextual Backlinks or in a simple language, we will produce many tiered blog posts about your vape topics from our own pool of around 10,000 vape blogs! Everything will be done safely. For backlinks, we always take into account the latest algorithm changes from the search engines. We will use a safe anchor text ratio and drip feed the backlinks to our indexers over a 30 to 40 day period to keep things looking natural just as they should be. Why backlinks are so important? Well, each backlinks is essentially a vote of trust to the search engines. The more backlinks you have, the more trustworthy your website will appear and the higher it will rank. A caveat to this is that your backlinks now must come from a 100% vape-related niche. You cannot send backlinks from unrelated websites as this will only land you with a search engine penalty. We are constantly posting new articles to our blogs which is only making them stronger on a daily basis! And the best part – we do this manually using our 100-people strong team!


We use our network of social media accounts to send social signals to all blog posts containing your backlinks. What this does is it makes each blog post popular in the eyes of google, which in turn, increases the value of the backlink.


All backlinks and our secret methods will generate real traffic to your website from vapers! Sounds awesome, right?


Our team of seasoned content writers, SEO experts and data entry professionals will upload all of your products onto (Find A Vape Supplier Com), the world’s first every marketplace for businesses where buyers and sellers can buy and sell vape products without any restrictions. Our content writers will then write unique and original descriptions for your vape products. Our SEO experts will optimise each product listing and send backlinks and SEO signals to them to make them rank higher in the search engines. Listing your products on Find A Vape Supplier is a revolutionary way of selling your products to thousands of vape shops and vape companies around the world. You do not need a website, hosting, domains or anything else. Find A Vape Supplier truly is a one-click solution for selling your goods immediately.


We will publish guest blog posts about your vape company or e-liquid / e-cig brand on our website.

Here is What Some Of Our Customers Have Said

This SEO package for vaping companies is simply amazing. It is ALL that you will ever need for ranking your website on the search engines. Prior to buying this vape SEO package, I used many freelancer websites and all I got in return was nothing short of spam. I am a regular customer with The Eliquid Boutique and I have purchased this SEO package 5 times during the last consecutive months. My rankings increased from page 5 on page 3 to position 4 on page one for about 40 key words. As a result, I am now getting a lot more enquiries and making more sales. All I have is praise for this amazing vape SEO package. Thank you to Katie and the team for all you hard work! Phil, Tasty Cloud Distribution LLC

I am a massive fan of this vape SEO package. I actually met Katie at a vape expo last year and thought that this digital marketing package for e-cigarette companies was an awesome idea. The backlinks is the most valuable asset of this package as they contribute about 60% to the overall rankings of a website. Interestingly enough, the blogs from which I get the backlinks usually outrank most big companies, which is super encouraging!

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