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We accept sponsored guest posts from businesses and private individuals.

Submission Guidelines

Types of Guest Posts that we accept

We accept guest posts that are broadly related to technology, SEO and digital marketing, software, mobile apps, cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptocurrency as well as anything else falling broadly within these topics. For example, if you operate a vape shop and would like to feature in our magazine, you would have to submit an article that broadly touches any of the above areas. For example, you could write about the impact of cryptocurrency on the vape market, how cryptocurrency is making vaping more accessible (i.e. no bans from traditional merchants). Similarly, you could share your experience on vape SEO and marketing and what works for you and what doesn’t. Inevitably, as you operate an online business, you are most likely to have encountered technology in your niche. In terms of publication approval rates, we are very flexible in terms of the topics.

We Only Approve QUALITY Articles

Our overriding consideration is to publish articles that meet the highest standards of quality, both in terms of grammar, writing style and interest.

Article Length: 1,500 to 3,500 words

We only publish very in-depth and informative articles that will provide real value to our readers. When we publish articles, we publish pieces that we deem to be authoritative. In terms of SEO, most search engines rank the longest pieces to the very top. Thin content or short articles tend to perform very badly. However, this is not to say that you should blag about something.

Articles Must Be Unique

When you submit your article for publication on our magazine, please make sure that they are NOT published on your blog or elsewhere and are 100% UNIQUE and not plagiarised. In SEO parlance, only unique content (which does not exist anywhere else on the internet) will rank on the search engines. Duplicate content may not rank well and in the worst of times, may not even get indexed.

Excellent English and Grammar

We will only publish articles that meet the highest of standards of English. We will not publish $5 articles from freelance sites that were churned out in 24 hours. Our focus is on quality and we will not even consider poorly written articles.

Structure your Articles

Please ensure that you use paragraphs and proper headings to organise your articles into logical sections.

DO NOT Promote Yourself

Do not write an article telling how good your company is. Our readers do not care. Instead, share your knowledge in your area of expertise and add value to the readers. This will do most of the speaking for your business. We will credit your article at the end.

Use Your Own Graphics and Images

Please only use your very own graphics and images. Do NOT use generic photos off the internet. Please take some time and get a graphics designer to create graphics, infographics or anything else.

Next Steps: Send us your Articles

Please save your article in a Word document and send it to us via our email or Facebook page.

Once Your Article Is Published

Once we publish your article, we recommend that you link to it inside of your blog and even add a “As Featured in the Blockchain Life Mag” along with our logo. You can also share the article on your social media. This will help you to build your brand and reputation which can translate into financial rewards.